Never a Dull Moment at Iivaara

The View from the Top

Hiking trip from Iivaara Hill to Eräkartano

We will begin our hike from the parking lot at Iivaara, from where we take the Ahmanpolku route to the top of Iivaara Hill (elevation 470 m). Standing on the peak you can view the breathtaking scenery and the rows of rolling hills all the way over the Russian border. After the viewing break we will continue on our Ahmanpolku path towards Näätälampi wilderness hut. After having a picnic lunch at the hut, we will carry on walking through old forests towards Lake Ahvenjärvi and the gentle heat of Eräkartano lakeside sauna. After the sauna bath a delicious dinner at the wilderness restaurant will be more than welcome!

The Iivaara Reindeer Trail

Reindeer Safari at Iivaara Hill

The safari begins with getting to know the reindeer and their management. Your guide will also give you instructions for the safari. The distance and duration of your safari will be settled according to your wishes.

The several kilometres long trail will take you to enjoy the quiet of the wilderness. We will take a break at a campsite and make a pot of delicious coffee over the open fire. When we reach Eräkartano, the Reindeer Driving Licence will have been completed! After the safari the lakeside sauna will be warm and the dinner table set at Eräkartano restaurant.

On the long trail (6-7 km) it is possible to stop for some ice-fishing on a wilderness lake. Ask for an offer for your group.

The Iivaara Skiing Day

The Iivaara Skiing Day is an annual event held on Holy Saturday at Easter. The skiing trip starts from the former Kemilä school and leads you around Iivaara Hill. Everybody can ski at their own pace. There are drinking stations including Iivaaran Eräkartano along the route. The total distance of the trip is 24 km.






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